My Romantic Dinner Ideas

There’s nothing more suitable than a romantic dinner to get closer to the person you love. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started dating or you are already together since many years now, a romantic fine dining by candlelight can be the perfect moment to share your feelings, renew your vows or simply enjoy good food and fine wine in the company of your beloved one.

One of the most used and appreciated ideas is the dinner on the beach. There are many romantic beaches in this world, so you can choose your vacation to have this type of dinner. Go to Greece, go to Italy or Spain and you are going to find many opportunities of serving the dinner right on the sea shore or on the beach. Many restaurant owners followed this trend and are willing to spoil their customers by bringing them everything they need, right there, on the fine sand or on the massive rocks.

If you want to organize the most romantic dinner of your life, take your sweetheart to Paris, France, and book a table in the Cafe des Deux Moulins, where the movie Amelie Poulain was shot. Anyway, if you get to Paris, you can also take a cruise on the Seine and have a picnic on the grass nearby the Arabic World Institute. Choose this type of dinner only during summer time and only on a sunny day.

A classic restaurant can also be a very good place for a romantic dinner. Choose one in baroque style, with authentic furniture and silver chandeliers. You are probably going to pay quite a lot, but you are going to have an unforgettable evening. If you don’t know how to pair the wines with the food, ask the waiter for advice. Expensive restaurants train their staff in such disciplines, so they can help you choose the perfect combinations.

Always keep in mind that a dinner at McDonalds or in any other fast food restaurant can’t pass as a romantic option, so avoid it even if you are on a shoestring budget. It’s best to wait until your payday and invite your fiancee in a place she’s going to remember for a very long time. If you take her out for dinner to one of these places where she usually has lunch with her friends, she may be fine with that, but she’s not going to be charmed by your idea.

Rooftop restaurants are also suitable for this type of dinner, because they usually have huge windows, so you can see the whole city from above. This can be a good opportunity to impress your girlfriend with your knowledge by identifying various boulevards and buildings. It’s best to go there alone before the dinner, so that you can be sure you know where all important objectives in your city are.

Dinner In The Sky is another cool concept, but you have to wait until it becomes available in your city. However, if you can grab two seats, you can have the chance to enjoy a nice meal up there, in the sky, with the entire world at your feet.


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