Happy Feet with Happy 2 U Shoes 

For someone who is a picky shoe shopper, Happy2U Online shop is such a blessing. I am a huge fan of anything fashionable, from tops, dresses, bags, and accessories. This means that I am not that keen on expensive brands, as long as it looks good and trendy, then it’s good enough for me.

Shoes are the exemption, though. Ever since I entered the university, my tastes for shoes have greatly changed, and that means that I worry less about fashion but more about comfort and functionality. As a mattS338er of fact, I think I consider shoes as less of a fashion item, and more of an essential part of my body. So, when I shop for shoes, I always look for comfort and durability. It has to be able to walk with me for hours, on different weather, without hurting my feet. My only option in the beginning was simply settling for expensive brands of shoes.

That was before I discovered the Happy 2 U Shop. It’s a fashionista’s dream online store based in Malaysia. When I found out that the shop was locally found, I immediately got interested. The shop was actually found in 2009, my first purchase with them was back in 2013. It’s being ran by power women who all have passion for business and fashion. How cool is that?

I’m usually reluctant about online shopping, so my first purchase with Happy 2 U was just a single pair of shoes at discounted price. If I remember it correctly, I think I got my first pair of Happy 2 U flats at less than 50RM. Fortunately, that first order of shoes led to the many more purchases I made through the online shop. Their products are priced relatively cheaper because they are sourced directly from the factory, so if there’s any price mark up at all, it’s really minimal. And, did I say that their shoes are comfortable? I never thought I could find a shoe store that offer fashionably comfortable wear at such prices. For instance, I got my red loafers at only 55RM and it’s been one of my most overused shoes for almost a year now.

Happy 2 U is easily the best online shop to get you star
ted on your shoe collection. They have a wide range of choices from flats, stilettos, to wedges, and they all come in pretty designs.

Another reason that easily got me hooked to buy women shoes online from Happy 2 U is their after sales service. The team are closely in contact with their customers regardless of the amount they have purchased from the shop. This is truly a good practice that makes you want to check out the shop more often. Aside from that, Happy 2 U never run out of new, trendy stocks. In fact, its founders pattern the whole fashion trends from other popular international brands in Malaysia like Topshop, Stylenanda, and Vogue.

If you are looking for a reliable, fashionable, and affordable shopping site that is based in Malaysia, you cannot got wrong with Happy 2 U.


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